JiNan QianFo mountain

    Qianfo Mountain is one of the three major scenic spots of Jinan with elevation of 285 meters and area of 151.8 hectares which named as Li Mountain, Shun Mountain and Shungeng Mountain by ancient. At the beginning of Sui Dynasty, the government engraved many buddhas based on the mountain and built “Qianfo Temple”, the temple was renamed as “Xingguochan Temple”, that’s origin of Qianfo Mountain. Since the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, the temple fairs were held both on “3rd, March” and “9th, September”. In Ming Dynasty, the temple was extended and became a well-known Buddhist sanctuary. It was constructed as a park and appointed as the province's key scenic spots in 1959. In 2005, it was assessed as the state AAAA-class tourist attractions.

Qianfo Mountain has cliffs like barriers with beautiful scenery and many scenic spots. There is “Xingguo Temple” on the mountainside and on the south of the temple exists more than130 buddhas originating from the beginning of Sui Dynasty. The east of Xingguo Temple is Li Mountain Courtyard as an integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism including “Ancestral Temple”, “Luban Temple” “Listings Pavilion”, “Shundian Stone Carving”, etc. Wanfo Cave collecting essence of Chinese four caves is built on the foot of mountain north. There is a municipal key cultural relic protection unit of Xinhai Revolutionary Martyr Cemetery. Furthermore, many scenic spots such as Tanghuai Pavilion, Nine Points of Neat Smoke and Cloud Diameter Zen Gate scatter in the area. In recent years, add cableway, Yingfang Garden, Shunneng slid, Eighteen Arhats, Wofo, Da Shun Stone Picture Garden, Liyuan, Maitreya Garden, waterfall, South Gate, etc. In 2011, municipal government sets a special fund for the environment renovation-improvement of Qianfo Mountain, strengthening the ecological landscaping view, highlighting Buddha and Shun two cultural lines to comprehensively raise the overall landscape and cultural tastes of scenic spots for Qianfo Mountain. So Qianfo Mountain becomes a full-featured, large-scale tourist attraction with history, culture, landscape and religion as a whole.