Qi Yan Jiu Dian Archway
    Located on the west of the main switchbacks, Qi Yan Jiu Dian Archway is of wooden structure of two columns and one floor, founded by Ye Guishu, the county magistrate of Licheng County, in the 25th year of Daoguang Period  in Qing Dynasty (1845). The four Chinese characters “Qi Yan Jiu Dian” is from the poem Dream of the Heaven by Li He,an outstanding poet in Tang Dynasty: Looking to Qizhou in the distance, it seems that nine mountains look like mists and a pool of seawater is flowing down from a cup. “Qi” refers to Jinan, which was called Qizhou in ancient times. “Qi Yan Jiu Dian” means that when looking north from the archway, you can see nine mountains outside the city dotted along the Yellow River in various shapes: like a lotus out of water, or a flying magpie, or a phoenix spreading wings, or poles opposite to each other... The steamy and wreathing cloud and mist made its name “Qi Yan Jiu Dian”.