Locust Tree Pavilion
    Located on the west road intersection of the main switchbacks, Locust Tree Pavilion gets its name from the locust tree beside the pavilion. Legend says that Qin Qiong, a great hero of Tang Dynasty used to come to the mountain to pray for his mother. Whenever he came, he always tied his horse to this locust tree, so this locust tree is later called “A tree Qin Qiong ties horse to”. Now the trunk has been dry, but an immature locust has vigorously grown out of the cavity, like a baby in the arms of its mother, therefore people call it “mother holding baby tree”. The three Chinese characters were inscribed by Mr. Shu Tong, the former Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers’ Association, when re-visiting the Qianfo Mountain in the summer of 1981.